Welcome Digital Summit Atlanta!

Opt-ins are lame for


Here is an outreach script sample that follows my Love Letter format:

Hey/hi/howdy/greetings Host Name.
…or should I say inside joke.
(If continuing from social network engagement) Thanks for connecting with me on social network, email is so much easier, isn’t it?


(Why I Love You)

First, allow me to gush more about your show:

Write a couple of sentences about one thing you really like or do a quick bullet list of three things

1. Something you like
2. Something else you like
3. Something you also like
That is why I felt compelled to leave a review on Apple Podcasts!


(Why You Will Love Me)

Now that I have exorcized my inner fanboy/girl, allow me to get straight to the point.

I know you want to deliver host message to their ideal listener. I have experience in ________ and expertise in ________.
I’m launching/have a book, product, service on ______ and I think it aligns well with host message and their ideal listener.


(The Magic We Could Make)

Sure, it would be great to get exposure to your audience, but I value each listener (as I am one) and promise to go as deep as I can with you as if he or she was sitting across from us!

Thank you again for your consideration. I’ll happily send you my one sheet but will still value your time by filling out any forms you may have.


(Let’s Have a Date)

Would you be interested in interviewing me for podcast name?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Name

Remember – No Links or Attachments in your initial outreach and be sure to follow up!