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Pitching and Promoting your Podcast Appearance with Andrew Allemann



If you are interested in growing your business, appearing as a guest on relevant podcasts is a brilliant way to gain exposure and sell yourself to a dedicated audience. In this video, Mark is joined by Andrew Allemann of the Podcast Guests platform to discuss the process of pitching yourself to hosts, preparing for podcast interviews, and promoting your appearance for maximum impact. 

Podcasts provide entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals with the opportunity to promote their products and services via a long-form message to a dedicated audience—at scale. But how do you go about landing bookings? What is the best way to pitch yourself to podcast hosts? And how do you prepare for an interview and promote your appearance once it airs?


Mark is joined by Andrew Allemann, host of the Domain Name Wire podcast and creator of Podcast Guests, a service connecting podcasters with qualified interviewees. They discuss the value in considering podcast fit oversize and focusing on how you can serve the audience in the context of your pitch.


Andrew speaks to the elements of a good one-sheet, describing the document’s role in explaining why you make a great guest and what you can do for the audience in general terms. He also covers the best approach to preparing for your podcast appearance and promoting the episode on social media once it goes live. Listen in for insight around how Podcast Guests works and learn how you can leverage a profile on the platform to receive multiple invitations from podcasters and grow your influence!


Business Growth

  • Getting booked as a podcast guest is a brilliant way to grow your business. The process gives you an opportunity to sell yourself and your business to a dedicated audience at scale.
  • Podcast interviews also allow you to grow your influence and deliver a long-form message. In addition, speaking about your expertise conveys more authority than a blog post, for example.


Podcast Size vs. Fit

  • Focus on finding a podcast that is a good fit for your area of expertise rather than worrying about the size of the audience. It is better to get in front of 200 people who are interested in what you have to offer as opposed to ten thousand who could care less.
  • It is okay to branch out beyond your specific niche to an adjacent market. For instance, Andrew has a podcast about domain names, and he recently introduced his audience to an artist with a unique domain name who shared the story behind it.


The Perfect Pitch

  • Focus on how you can serve the podcast audience in your pitch. Think about the host’s goals and how you can help them.
  • Put your best foot forward. Of course, you want to share your area of expertise, but make your pitch about the podcast audience—not you.


The One-Pager

  • Your one-pager or one-sheet should explain why you would make a great guest and what you can do for the host in general terms. Start by listing the specific topics you can discuss, sharing your background information to establish credibility and listing sample questions the host might ask you.
  • A one-sheet should also include links to previous media appearances as well as your website and social profiles. And remember to explain how you plan to promote the podcast to your audience via a link in your newsletter or social media, for example.


Interview Prep

  • Andrew suggests listening to one or two episodes of the podcast to prepare for your own interview. This will help you understand the structure of the show and the types of questions the host might ask.
  • Invest in a decent mic and find a quiet space to record the interview. If you don’t have access to a studio, a walk-in closet is a good place to set up shop.
  • Consider the particular audience you will be addressing and how you can provide value. If you would like to extend an offer (e.g.: a free guide), bring it up with the host prior to recording.


Maximum Impact

  • After the podcast airs, dedicate time to share the episode with your audience as promised in the one-sheet. This develops your reputation for following through and increases your chances of being invited back!
  • Remember, the purpose of putting yourself out there on a podcast is to grow your audience AND deepen your connection with the people who are already loyal followers. Maximize the impact of your appearance by sharing it.


The Podcast Guests Platform

  • Andrew conceived of Podcast Guests when he started running out of potential guests for his own show. When he couldn’t find a service that helped connect podcasters with quality guests, he set out to create his own.
  • Podcast Guests offers a free service in which members are sent an email list of podcasts looking for guests. The platform also provides a paid service that promotes potential guests to podcasters.
  • For a fee, you can create a profile in the Podcast Guests directory. The profile functions as a mobile-friendly, online one-pager that is easy to update. (Users who opt for the enhanced subscription are included in the Podcast Guests newsletter on a rotating basis, and they receive three to five times more invitations from podcasters.)
  • Andrew recommends creating a tagline that speaks to what you can teach a podcast audience. Generic terms like author, speaker and entrepreneur don’t tell a host whether you are a good match for their audience.

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