Quick Win Preview – Find, Review, and Share your moments with Overcast

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I thought it would be nice to give you a full preview of one of our 50+ videos inside the Academy. Each course, module, lesson, quick win, expert insight, and live mastermind session is geared to help you make the most out of podcast interviews to help build your business.


In this quick win tutorial, we show you how to use Overcast to help you find more shows, save you time listening to them, and share your best moments after your appearance!

Grab Overcast from the App Store

The Overcast app is Apple ecosystem only (sorry Android users), but syncs well across their own platforms and has several advantages over other podcast players

  • Smart speed (dynamic as well as show presets)
  • Vocal Boost (levels across episodes, shows, and playlists)
  • Smart Playlists (great to help you continually improve your interview performance)
  • Search (including description search if shows are in your feed)
  • Siri Shortcuts (great for Apple power users)
  • Sharing with Others (easily email or Tweet your appearances. Including memorable moments!)

Though Overcast is extremely powerful, don’t forget to use iTunes (Desktop) or the native Podcasts app (iOS) to leave a Rating and descriptive Review for shows that you want to appear on!

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