Welcome fellow Podcast Movement attendee!

I hope you enjoyed your time in Orlando for Podcast Movement. Since you are here, I bet you are interested in Podcast Guest Academy.

This is where I and a band of other podcasting experts show you how to find the best podcast for your message, reach out in a manner that will actually get you booked, how to perform those interviews WELL, and how to leverage those interviews to grow your own brand or business.

That may sound like a vague elevator pitch, but don’t overlook the fact that appearing on other podcasts is a great way to promote your podcast.

The hardest part for Podcasters is to get out of our head, our show, and our audiences and make ourselves memorable to other audiences on other shows. I know this because I had the same problems when I really wanted to step up my podcast appearance game.

Of course, you can go to our main page to find out more (or just jump here for some of the benefits), but this page has somethings that our homepage doesn’t.

  1. A more affordable monthly option instead of the pricey lifetime options on our homepage.

  2. A small, but powerful coupon code box at the bottom.

Not only will this let you signup with a discount, but the discount is reoccurring. Save now, next month, and on and on.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now if you want to unlock powerful interviews and sought after podcasts!

Don’t wait too long though as we don’t leave coupons floating around for too long.


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